About Me!


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Hi everyone! My name is Ameka and I am a proud kpop fan. I started listening to kpop around 5 years ago, my first ever stan being the Kings ‘BigBang’. For me kpop is a really important part of me as I have been indulging in their culture for a while and being a part of kpop is something great and a treasure I try to share with everyone who is willing to listen.Through kpop, I have met many wonderful people and formed many different bonds over these talented individuals.

I am an Caribbean fan (surprising, I know!). I enjoy everything kpop and I also not so secretly enjoy kdramas as well (I couldn’t help myself). I am also an avid reader and I like to figure out how things work and is why I am really attracted to technology. I also enjoy programming (it’s relaxing but it can really get to you when its time to debug).

And that is all about me (I’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes)!